Mukkudal is a panchayat town in Tirunelveli district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This temple village situated 20 km west of Tirunelveli on the banks of the perennial river Tamirabarani. It is famous for the large Muthumalai Amman Temple,very old and popular temple Sriman Narayanaswamy Kovil and Raamaswami kovil Temple. This is a self-satisfied town in respect to basic amenities.



As of 2001 India census, Mukkudal had a population of 13,874. Males constitute 48% of the population and females 52%. Mukkudal has an average literacy rate of 76%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 82%, and female literacy is 70%. In Mukkudal, 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.

People and culture

HariRam Sait – Promoter of Tamil Sangeetha Sabai and Sokkalal Higher Secondary School Tirunelveli – Mukkudal, Tamil Nadu,

Sokkalal Sangeetha Sabhai: Established in 1955 with the aim of providing learning opportunities in Tamil music and Carnatic music free of charge. Mandaikkaadu is a place near Nagercoil. There used to be an annual temple festival. Once, the business magnate and good friend and disciple (in music) of Bhgavathar, T.P.S. Hariram Sait of Mukkudal, Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu had arranged for the performance of a karnatic vocal music programme by Bhagavathar and Hariram Sait himself as a combined musical concert.

Kodai Vallal Karunaithiru Hariram Sait Commemoration Committee has an active interest to patronize several Tamil literary and Tamil music events that are difficult owing to lack of funds, and also in administering this kind act of theirs as a posthumous gift of the munificent patron of Mukkudal.

The Nadar community members took up social reformation with restriction to Brahminic cult in their practices and customs through various routes. The Social Respect movement spearheaded by WPA Soundarpandia Nadar, the involvement of Suthanthira Party leader Shri D S Adhimoolam Nadar of Mukkudal. The role of Brahmins in Nadar community is highly limited, with the local Pandarams or Community members donning the role of priests of their own temples for Amman, Ayyanar, Karuppasamy, Periasamy and Sudalai Madasamy and keeri beedi senthivel nadar in beedi business since: 1875 son of SENTHIVEL NADAR, S. AUTHIMOOLAM NADAR.E.P.K Beedi famous in Tamil Nadu prop. E.P.K.S. Mathan 8th ward councillar.

Mukkudal is famous for its Sarvadoya AgarBathies and Mukkudal Sarvodoya Javadhu Powder.

At Muthu Malaiamman and Periasamy temple of Mukkudal, animal sacrifice was withdrawn at the initiative of Shri D S Adhimoolam Nadar several decades back. Shri D S A Sivaprakasham, son of Adhimoolam Nadar, continued to serve the local public through involvement in politics. Nowadays has been changed their lifestyles. Infrastructure has improved and shops. Mukkudal municipality doing good work and providing water services.

Town Panchayat

Mukkudal was upgraded as Town Panchayat according to Tamil Nadu Panchayats Act, 1994 (ratifications to 73rd and 74th Amendment of the Constitution of India) after its establishment. Adding nearest villages: Sadayapuram, Singamparai, Kaliyankulam, Lakshmiyapuram to Mukkudal, Mukkudal Town Panchayat was established. Panchayat has 15 wards, and every wards have a member who is selected through Tamilnadu local body elections.


Mukkudal is surrounded by lots of villages. Every village uses Mukkudal bus stand for catching the bus. Now the number of buses has been increased. The Papanasam-Kadayam route bus runs on Mukkudal way. Some of the buses depart from Mukkudal to Tirunelveli.


The major and big with advance systematic hospital that for Beedi workers. They are providing totally for free services with standard services. This hospital was started by Former Central Minister. This lies at the bus stand of Mukkudal. This hospital has large and comfortable services.


Sokkalal Higher Secondary School served to educate the people for decades, a few other schools like Deepa Matriculation School and Boovijesh School have risen over the years. The facilities in these schools have improved dramatically over the past few years, alumni of these schools have shifted to higher and more competitive cities in India like Mumbai, Chennai etc.., Now education has improved and promoted the children’s knowledge.Recently the number of schools has increased as well as the teaching standard. The schools are striving to educate children to compete at the national level, and are working hard to give healthy education to their village children. People from neighbouring villages admit their children to the schools in Mukkudal village


Sri.Muthumalaimman temple is one of the most famous temple and every year the month of July celebrating big festival. Approximately more than 3 lakh peoples coming for every year’s festival.

In addition another very famous, very old tembele Srimann Narayanaswamy kovil & Sri Seethadevi sametha Ramaswamy Temple located in West big Bazaar is also a famous temple with many deities which are being worshiped from ancient times.Here three days festival is celebrated during the month of May.